Sushi-Making Class

Last August Lara, Raquel and I purchased Groupons for a "Beginner Sushi-Making Class" at Mt Fuji Sushi Bar and Japanese Cuisine in Sandy.  Lara and Loic used theirs several weeks ago and Raquel and I attended our class on Saturday, February 18.  The instructor was a riot and the class was fun!  We learned to make three different types of sushi. 

Raquel and I with our instructor after the class

I took a few pictures during the class so I will show you step by step how to make a tasty California Roll (the only roll I can legitimately eat in my "condition".)
Step 1: The Mat

 Step 2: Spread the rice evenly across the mat

Step 3: Sprinkle with Sesame Seeds

Step 4: Place crab, avocado and cucumber across middle of rice pad

Step 5: Roll

Step 6: Cut, serve and eat!

Evidently one of the keys to good sushi rolls is the rice.  Here is the recipe for good sushi rice as well as the other rolls we made.

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