Two Posts in One Night!

Here is a recap of our March 2014 Gourmet Night. We met at Miss Raquel's on Tuesday, March 25 for another delicious meal. Bridget brought a Smoked Salmon Spread (Barefoot Contessa). Raquel's main was Chicken Marsalla. Lara brought a side of broccoli (also Barefoot Contessa) which unfortunately I didn't snap a picture of. LS had major success with her bread! And the highlight of the evening was the Key Lime Pie (Paula Dean) by Jodi! We had a fantastic evening but once again, we missed Andrea and Lynley.

 Raquel's lovely table

Check out Raquel's awesome new cabinets! 

Cabinets Angle 2

Raquel, Lara and Jodi

Bridget and LS

Salmon Spread
I served this with some baguettes

LS's Successful and Delicious Bread

Raquel's Chicken Marsala

Jodi says she made a few alterations. She added 2 tablespoons of sugar to the crust and used 1/2 cup of butter instead of just 5 tablespoons. And she doubled the pie filling. This way it filled the shell perfectly.

Getting Caught Up . . .

We're back! Here are pics and info from our February 2014 gourmet night. We met on Tuesday, February 25 at Laura's for a double gourmet night and birthday celebration for Laura and our good friend Kim. Our evening had a little Asian flair due to Laura's recent trip to Thailand. We had lots of friends, lots of food and lots of fun! I don't have recipes handy for everything, but here are pictures so let me know if you're interested in actually making something you see. We loved having Kim, Teresa & Jill join us. We missed you, Andrea and Lynley!

 "The Group" sans Teresa
"The Group" sans Bridget

 Laura's Lovely Table

The Drink Table

Potstickers by Raquel via Costco
(Some days are just like that!)

Asian Salad by Jodi
Bread by Teresa

Main Dish by Laura

Side by Lara

"Three Ingredient Dessert" by Kim

Dessert #2 by Bridget
White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake
from Our Best Bites