Two Posts in One Night!

Here is a recap of our March 2014 Gourmet Night. We met at Miss Raquel's on Tuesday, March 25 for another delicious meal. Bridget brought a Smoked Salmon Spread (Barefoot Contessa). Raquel's main was Chicken Marsalla. Lara brought a side of broccoli (also Barefoot Contessa) which unfortunately I didn't snap a picture of. LS had major success with her bread! And the highlight of the evening was the Key Lime Pie (Paula Dean) by Jodi! We had a fantastic evening but once again, we missed Andrea and Lynley.

 Raquel's lovely table

Check out Raquel's awesome new cabinets! 

Cabinets Angle 2

Raquel, Lara and Jodi

Bridget and LS

Salmon Spread
I served this with some baguettes

LS's Successful and Delicious Bread

Raquel's Chicken Marsala

Jodi says she made a few alterations. She added 2 tablespoons of sugar to the crust and used 1/2 cup of butter instead of just 5 tablespoons. And she doubled the pie filling. This way it filled the shell perfectly.

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