Day 2 - Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Here are just a few of the "cool tips" we learned throughout the week:
  • Leaving your lemons & limes in the pantry at room temperature will yield more juice.
  • A “good” knife is sharp, comfortable for you and works (doesn’t matter the brand).
  • Don't be an "end of the recipe" seasoner.
  • Never boil anything, except dry pasta out of the box.
  • ALWAYS use Kosher salt (yes, even in baking).  Diamond Crystal brand is best.
  • Avoid cooking sprays; use butter instead.
  • Cook with regular olive oil.  Save the Extra Virgin for dressings.  It is more expensive and doesn't make a difference in a recipe.  
Jodi & LS

Day 2 at the CIA was an overview of European cuisine. We cooked dishes from Eastern and Central Europe. In general, European cooking involves a lot of wine and herbs.

 Jodi & Bridget

Polish Stuffed Cabbage

 Potato Latkes

Bridget working on the cheese fondue

The beautiful veggies we dipped in the fondue.

Swiss Style Veal in Cream Sauce

 Spatzle - the final product
(pronounced "spetz-lay")

 Raquel is using a potato ricer while preparing the filling for the pierogis. This cool kitchen gadget was immediately added to all of our lists of "kitchen gadgets to buy".

More of Raquel's pierogi preparation.

  Potato and Cheddar Pierogi

 Braised Red Cabbage

Our buffet table after a hard day's work

 Day 2 Full Plate

After class we stopped in the "Culinary Institute Bakery". There were so many delicious-looking desserts, we couldn't decide which to get! So, we got all 6, sat out on the patio in a circle and rotated!

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