Gourmet Girls San Antonio Adventure

As many of you "gourmet followers" may have heard by now, The Gourmet Girls took a little trip the last week in March! Six of us (unfortunately Lara wasn't able to join us due to the recent arrival of Baby Henri) boarded a plane and headed to San Antonio, Texas for a week of "World Cuisine Boot Camp" at The Culinary Institute of America. We had an absolutely amazing time! The cooking school far exceeded all of our expectations.  We worked hard, learned a lot, ate a ton and overall had a fantastic experience.  It was a lifetime opportunity.


Please scroll through the next five posts (six including this one) to get a play-by-play of each of our five days of school at the CIA. There are pictures and titles for every dish we made during the week. If you'd like a copy of a specific recipe, please don't hesitate to let me (Bridget) know.

Just ready to board!
We left Provo on Sunday evening, March 25, 2012
Goodbye Utah for the next six days!

The flight out

We arrived in San Antonio and checked into our hotel, Hotel Contessa. Here is a picture of the back of our hotel from the riverwalk.

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